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High times at Henley

the worst smelling toilets ive ever inhaled, and other things to get you off your head …


                                           the toilets at our bar at the regatta.  pure class

The Henley Royal Regatta (its official name) is hosted once-yearly, on the Thames River at Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, Northwest of London. According to its website, the Henley Royal Regatta is ‘undoubtedly the best known regatta in the world and is both one of the highlights of the summer sporting calendar and the social season’.  How lovely.

- In surroundings of picturesque riverside scenes by a pretty little village, on a long clean stretch of the Thames river,  visitors come to enjoy the racing and the festivities that come along with this five-day event.  Landowners by the riverside rent out their much sought after land for tens of thousands of pounds (and more), where clubs and bars and brands and sponsors then host and entertain the thousands that flock to Henley each year.


Posted on Thursday, July 5th 2012